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Agora/RMB Technical Papers and Presentations Index

MATS Rule Implementation (June 2015)
MATS Emission Calculations (June 2015)
Summary of Hg Monitoring Experiences (May 2014)
All Carbon All the Time - CO2 Regulatory and Measurement Bias Overview (May 2014)
MATS Notification and Reporting Requirements (February 2014)
Certification & Ongoing NIST Requirements for Hg Calibration Gas Generators (May 2013)
LEE Qualification for Mercury (May 2013)
MATS Reporting Requirements (May 2013)
QA/QC Requirements for Opacity Monitors (May 2013)
CEMS Certification and Compliance Testing Lessons Learned on Turbines (May 2013)
PM CEMS Overview (May 2012)

Correlating PM CEMS Using Ash Reinjection (May 2012)

Part 75 CEMS Equipment Trends - 2012 Update (May 2012) 
The Technician's Assistant (May 2012)
Establishing Reasonable BACT/BART Limits (February 2012)
Field Test Programs to Evaluate EGU MACT Compliance Strategies (February 2012)
Part 75 CEMS Equipment Trends - 2009 Update (May 2009)
A Patchwork Program-An Overview of State Mercury Regulations (January 2007)
Mercury CEMS Issues and Recent Results - EPRI Hg Measurements Workshop Presentation (January 2007)
Demonstrating Compliance with Low Level Opacity Limits (May 2006)
CTM-041 and Potential Revisions to EPA Reference Method 2H (May 2005)
Mercury CEMS Technical Issues Paper (May 2005)
Mercury CEMS Technical Issues Presentation Slides (May 2005)
Part 75 CEMS Equipment - What's Everyone Using? (May 2003)
Startup/Shutdown NOX Emissions form Combined Cycle Units (May 2002)
NOX Compliance under the NOX SIP Call and Section 126 Rules (December 2000)

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